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“There Was Nothing Left of the House”: 150 Houses Destroyed in a Village in the Chernihiv Region after 1.5 Months of Hostilities

The village of Novoselivka, on the outskirts of Chernihiv, was one of the points of concentrated strikes by Russian artillery and aircraft that advanced from the border deep into our country during the first weeks of the war. In a month and a half of active hostilities in the village, where fewer than 800 people live, about fifteen hundred private houses were completely razed or destroyed.


“Від дому нічого не лишилось”: за півтора місяці бойових дій у селі на Чернігівщині зруйновано півтори сотні будинків

Село Новоселівка, що на околиці Чернігова - одна з точок концентрованих ударів російської артилерії та авіації, що в перші тижні війни просувалась від кордону вглиб нашої країни. За півтора місяці активних бойових дій у селі, де проживає менше 800 людей, повністю згоріли чи були розбомблені майже півтори сотні приватних будинків. 


Maximum Security Prisoners The Head of the Snake Island Lighthouse Spent a Month in Russian Captivity

Captivity is a restriction of the freedom of an individual who has taken part in hostilities. However, more than a thousand Ukrainian civilians have been held captive by Russians since the beginning of Russia's military invasion of Ukraine. Serhiy Rylskyi, the head of the Snake Island lighthouse, was captured by the invaders and held in extremely difficult and harsh conditions for an entire month. He shared his story with journalists.