Lesia Ivanova, a journalist of ‘Our Money’ was awarded the ‘Honor of the Profession’ for her investigation about the defense industry


The ‘Honor of the Profession’ award ceremony took place in Kyiv on May 15th. More than 600 reports were evaluated this year. Five investigations of the program ‘Our money with Denys Bihus’ made it to the finals of the competition.

Lesia Ivanova won in the nomination ‘Best presentation of high-profile material’ with her investigation titled ‘Friends in Armor. How Poroshenko’s Team Makes Money on the Defense Industry’.

The winners in other nominations are:

1. ‘Best report’ — Anton Semizhenko, Insider, ‘Four terabytes of pain’;

2. ‘Best material with a strong civic position’ — Bohdan Kutiepov, ‘Hromadske TV’ (‘Genichesk’: the story of the only Ukrainian minesweeping ship’);

3. ‘Best presentation of a complicated issue’ — Maryana Verbovska, Zaxid.net (‘The water is coming. Four multimedia stories about people who suffer from climate change’).

4. ‘The hope of journalism’ — Anna Kalaur, ‘Slidstvo.Info’ (‘With word and body’);

5. ‘Charge yourself against corruption’ — Mariya Zemlyanska, ‘Svidomo’ (‘A point of honor’);

6. ‘Constructive journalism’ — Kateryna Serhatskova ‘Zaborona.com’ (‘The future of Donbas’);

The organizers of the ‘Honor of the Profession’ competition is the Ukrainian Media Business Association, and the Independent Association of Broadcaster, with the support of the ‘U-Media’ project.

Last year the ‘Honor of the Profession 2017’ was awarded to journalists from: ‘Hromadske TV’, ‘Slidstvo.Info’, ‘Our Money’, ‘Lustrator 7.62’, ‘Schemes’, and the ‘L’officiel’. 

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