How to Be a Cat: Where You Can Convert Time to Good Deeds Online


The first socially beneficial platform kotyky.org.ua has been launched in Ukraine. The purpose of the platform is to convert your time to charitable contributions. The main principle is simple: you accomplish tasks, get “kitties”, and send those “kitties” converted to UAH to charitable foundations.

It’s never been as fun and easy to do something good thanks to the new socially beneficial platform kotyky.org.ua. Anyone can spend their time to help someone by accomplishing tasks, acquiring internal currency called “kitties”, and then transferring them to non-profit organizations.

“We usually call people who desire to do something good “kitties” — says the team of Bihus.Info project, the developers of the platform. “That’s how we named the game currency on our website, which is earned by the participant when they accomplish tasks, to transfer it later for charity”.

According to the rules of the platform, one kitty equals one Ukrainian hryvnia. The more tasks the user performs the faster they increase their level, receive various achievements and rewards, and most importantly earns “kitties” that can be transferred to various charitable foundations presented on the platform.

Currently, there are 2 types of tasks available on the platform: digitizing declarations of state officials and recognition of family ties of judges. There will be more later, for example, testing computer games, decoding data, online testing of certain functions, etc. The number of “kitties” awarded for a task depends on the complexity of the task.

Among the organizations that can be contributed to through the platform are 8 foundations and projects: “Agenty Zmin”, “Tabletochki”, “People’s project”, “Come Back Alive”, “Everybody can”, “Ugolyok”, “Pchelka”, “Crab”. Their reports on the reception of money are published on the platform.

The project selected the funds that are among the most trustworthy, have a lot of experience and report their contributions. At the same time, these are different funds in terms of their activities — from treating cancer in children to installing modern guideposts in Kyiv.

Earning a kitty can be done both through tasks, as well as through friends. Each participant has a special link, and if their friend joins with this link and completes a task, the first participant gets additional “kitties”.

“Charity is cool, but contributing to charity and doing socially beneficial tasks at the same time is even cooler”, — says Denys Bihus, the co-founder of the project. —“You get a double do-good combo when both the tasks get accomplished and good deeds get done”.

Soon new tasks will become available for the platform’s users, and the platform itself is being constantly improved. The developers ask to write all questions, complaints, and suggestions in a dedicated group on Facebook.

The project is implemented with the support of Internews Network and UNDP in Ukraine.


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